My name is Riyan.

I love data. I believe data is the new currency in this digital era. Through data, we can gathered insights and make decisions based on them.

I am interested in a lot of things. My formal education was in the business, engineering and energy. I have had involvement in the education and F&B through family businesess. Oh, and I started a startup which successfully went through an incubator program and received funding.

One common thread in all my past experiences are data. As an engineer, I believe in field work to see how things work in real life. Growing the startup, we interviewed various stakeholders to verify our hypothesis. But these days, data analysis has grown much further than making pretty charts to show around. There are many ways to collect data, conduct experiment and making a prediction model.

Now I am back in Indonesia after living in Australia for almost 15 years. I have been trying to improve my “Data Science” skill while finding my feet here. Thus appears this blog to document what I learnt and hopefully I can apply what I learnt to help people around me =)